• Warehouse

In 1996 was created the warehouse division with an emphasis into the movement of heavy-freights, voluminous or difficult handling goods.

Llinas has an area of over 20,000 m2 cover and uncovered. This area allows us to receive and forwarding all kind of goods from industrial machinery to helicopters, steel girders, paper coils, etc…

Llinas is a pioneering company in the management of its employers having all of them the knowledge and specific formation to use the machinery needed to do the operations. We prepare goods for its forwarding doing the lashing of the goods, packaging, labelling, etc…

The use of the last technology available in machinery and goods allows us to do loads of indivisible goods up to 26 TM in a standard container. We can work with materials as large as 11,80 m in a 40’ dry container allowing our client to reduce the cost of it by saving containers such as Open Top or Flat Rack.


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