Mission, vision and values


  • Mission, vision and values



LLINAS Mission:

Our vocation is:

• To be the leading company in the logistics sector
• To serve in a simple and fast manner our clients
• To grow a wide and differentiated service offering

Our objectives are:

• Satisfying our customers
• Be profitable and cost efficient

Our commitment with:

• Persons, assessing their effort, participation and involvement with well done job
• Process and technologies and its constant upgrade and improvement
• Safety, job conditions and environment

Thus Llinas contributes to ensuring a business that benefits everyone.


• We aim to be a service company:
• Operation efficiency model
• Made by highly qualified and integrated persons whose feel proud and comfortable to belong to Llinas
• Outstanding foor its flexibility and adaptability

LLINAS values:

• Result orientation
• Customer orientation
• Respect and support to people
• Availability, dedication and compromise with work
• Autonomy, creativity and ability to execute

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