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Since 1962 the main activity of the company has been renting forklifts and specializing in the large capacity ones, suitable to work in all kind of ships and boats, as well as the necessary for the activities of the port terminals within its facilities.

The increase of logistic companies around Barcelona’s Port has allowed us to increase our fleet introducing Llinas into the market of forklifts of small and medium capacity from 1 Tn to 42 Tn.

Nowadays Llinas has a fleet of over 150 forklifts; from the high capacity ones which represent the 30% of it and are suitable for containers and heavy loads; through “port tractors” with a capacity up to 200 TM and forklifts up to 28 Tn; RoRo with a gauge of 2.97 Mts. With the addition of the proper accessories this forklifts can carry infinity of goods.

We transport all kind of special goods with a load capacity of up to 105 TM. We have all type of trucks and vehicles to do special heavy transports, fulfilling with current legislation.

We have a great specialized team and an extensive fleet of semi-trailer trucks; “extensible” and others to transport any kind of goods.


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