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  • Social Responability

Conducting logistical operations and transporting goods under our principle of security, with a clear orientation to the customer, high quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation, on the basis of commitment to society and the development of its employees. That is the principal duty and responsibility of Llinas as a logistical operator. The organization is committed, therefore, for a business model based on a strong commitment to the development of its employees, society and the environment, through a strategy that promotes sustainability, culture and ethics, permeating all levels of the organisation and all its operational areas.

In order to continuously promote its commitment to its stakeholders, the company has designed and developed a strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility in the last few years. A set of values that goes beyond economic and quality objectives specific to any company, opening also the social, environmental, cultural and ethical aspects.

Around this set of values, Llinas has chosen four axes around which align all Social Responsibility activities undertaken by the company and which are reflected in four voluntary commitments:

• With society and Accessibility
• With education, culture and Sport
• With Sustainability and Environment
• Ethics and Good governance


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