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In 1992 llinas created Transport section due to cover needs its own needs because of the increasing demand of transports that the company was having. With a wide range of vehicles; Llinas can transport all kind of goods, including hazardous.


We have permits that allow us to realize transport of heavy goods in Spain, France and Portugal. We can transport any goods that for too large and/or width difficult its move.

Nowadays we have a fleet of semi-trailer trucks to do special transport, as well as flatbed trailers with low lateral, sidelifter trucks, flatbed trailers for movement of containers, “camion rampa” to move small rolled machinery and trailers with a pulling capacity up to 105 Tn


Trailer truck for special machinery

This singular trailer truck with a load capacity up to 65 Tn with a maximum longitude of 6400mm and a height of just 600 mm from the floor allows us to move goods as high as of 3900 mm.

Reduced Trailer truck

With the addition of this trailer truck we can move goods as bigger as length as 18.3 m; wide 3.4m and 2.9 height and as heavy as 55.5 Tn.



It is a new service Llinas has implemented a model self-loading trailer. This system is extremely useful when loading or downloading containers because it allows to do it without a crane. This allows to the company saving time and money

This trailer can move and load containers up to 33 Tn and 20 or 40 ft. Its weight is 10,000 Kg. The use of the crane it is through a remote control.

The minimum distance to work safely is 750 mm between the container to load and the vehicle self-loading. In addition the sidelifter needs minimum distance of 3,250 mm to load the container. The sidelifter can only load from its left side and has to be connected hitched to the truck.


This platform has the feature of verticalization of 20ft containers. It moves containers and it can put it a 90º position which helps to be loaded like a silo. Once its filled, it moves back to an horizontal position over it self platform. This vehicle is commonly used to load bulk cargo such as scrap and ferrous materials. But it can be used in the chemistry industry where they use silos with a TEU structure to normalize its transport. It can move 24 net Tn of goods plus container’s Tara.

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